Being known for their immunomodulating properties for centuries, chokeberry and elderberry now are being studied by the scientists from different points of view. A variety of health-promoting qualities of these wonder-berries is discovered and described in numerous publications all over the world. AronPharma laboratory deeply explored their properties and found out that used together they are even more potent! We combined the health benefits of chokeberry and elderberry to make you healthier, stronger and more resistant.


Chokeberry or Aronia berry, native to North America has gained its popularity in Poland since the 19th century and till now is the number one home medicine for cold and flu. We have deeply studied the Aronia berry and concluded that it’s the “Polyphenol superstar”, having anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immunity-boosting, cardioprotective, anti-diabetic and much more properties.


Aronia melanocarpa + Sambucus nigra L. complex has been standardized simultaneously regarding the content of:
• anthocyanins (HPLC)
• polyphenols (UV)

Fenactive is available in two concentrations:

  • Fenactive™ 15
    15% anthocyanins  25% polyphenols   (only in our ready products)
  • Fenactive™ 10
    10% anthocyanins  15% polyphenols   (active ingredient for your formulations)


Elderberry fruits have been used throughout history for medicinal purposes: to fight cold and flu symptoms, inflammation and infections, to support heart health and much more. Nowadays lots of its properties has been studied and confirmed by the scientists.

What is Fenactive ?


– a standardized complex of plant extracts, rich in polyphenols, designed to support and restore the body’s immunity, in particular against upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) of viral and bacterial origin. Aronia melanocarpa (Michaux) + Sambucus nigra L. have different but complementary anthocyanin fractions in their composition, which is widely proven and brings significant health benefits. As a result of our own laboratory work on the formulation, we have obtained an innovative specific complex with an extended, synergic spectrum of biologically active ingredients.

What makes FENACTIVE™
unique and special?

*ORAC: O – Oxygen R – Radical A – Absorbance C – Capacity

ORAC values from USDA Published Data & Nutrient Database. Values based upon 100 g of raw fruits.

Fusion of the health benefits of two traditionally used fruits with the highest ORAC* scale indices – chokeberry and elderberry – the innovative, standardized composition of Fenactive™ supports the body’s natural defensive functions, ensuring i.a.:

  • effective prevention and/or treatment of respiratory infections caused by viruses (blocking adhesion of the virus to host cells, inhibiting its replication and transmission from cell to cell, and stimulating the response from the immune system) and/or bacteria,
  • preventing conditions resulting from oxidative stress or supporting their treatment (restoring balance between antioxidative and prooxidative processes; reducing inflammation in the body).

For whom?

The Fenactive™ complex is recommended for use by the general population. It is particularly beneficial for the population of children (frequent respiratory infections) and seniors (natural aging of the immune system induces chronic inflammatory processes underlying a number of serious diseases). Numerous in vitro and in vivo studies indicate the beneficial effects of Aronia melanocarpa and Sambucus nigra L.


  • not fully developed immune system
  • frequent respiratory infections


  • exposure to stress
  • life in the fast lane and modern lifestyle
  • frequent travels


  • natural aging of the immune system induces chronic inflammatory processes underlying a number of serious disease

Studies devoted to
Aronia melanocarpa & Sambucus nigra

The Elderberry and chokeberry fruits, containing a number of health-promoting ingredients, stand out thanks to their high, multi-directional biological activity. They are an extremely rich source of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins. Due to their strong antioxidant effect, these compounds largely determine the health-promoting properties of these raw materials, including their antiviral, antibacterial, immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties [1,2,3].

Antiviral properties of elderberry and chokeberry are most often attributed to the following mechanisms:

  • blocking of hemagglutinin (HA), which prevents adhesion [4,5] and penetration [4] of the virus into host cells,
  • inhibiting reproduction of the virus [5,6],
  • preventing further transmission of the virus from cell to cell [4], by inhibiting neuraminidase [7].

Active antiviral agents include various polyphenolic compounds such as cyanidin-3-glucoside present in both elderberry [4,8] and chokeberry [9], and cyanidin-3-sambubioside present in elderberry [7,9].

An equally important, indirect, mechanism of combatting viral infection – present both in elderberry [4] and chokeberry – is the stimulation of the immune system response.

Own studies devoted to FENACTIVE™

Table. Antiviral activity of the Fenactive™ composition

Fenactive™ – inhibition of replication of tested viruses.

Description: Cytopathic effects of influenza A/H1N1 virus are shown in the images above (A/H1N1) versus control (MDCK).
Inhibitory effect of Fenactive™ on influenza virus replication is shown for MNCT (Maximum Nontoxic Contentration).

Studies* to determine antiviral properties of the Fenactive™ complex were conducted in the reference Laboratory of Virology of the Institute of Immunology and Experimental of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The following test viruses were used in the experiments:

  • A/H1N1 human influenza virus type A  (Influenzavirus A, Orthomyxoviridae),
  • HHV-1 human herpesvirus 1 (Herpesviridae),
  • HAdV-5 human adenovirus type 5 (Human adenovirus 5; Adenoviridae).

After conducting experiments according to the study protocol, it was found that Fenactive™ showed antiviral activity when administered after infection with the test viruses.

The maximum non-toxic concentration (MNCT) of Fenactive™ inhibited replication (multiplication of influenza A/H1N1 virus) by 80%. Moreover, Fenactive™ inhibited replication of herpesvirus HHV-1 and adenovirus HAdV-5.

The study compared the maximum non-toxic concentration (MNCT) of Fenactive™, which inhibited the proliferation of influenza A/H1N1 virus, to single doses of elderberry and chokeberry extracts alone. The results indicate that it is the appropriately selected extract content of the Fenactive™ composition that allows it to maintain high antiviral activity at generally lower concentrations. The use of single extracts does not bring synergistic effects.

In order to confirm immunostimulating effect of the Fenactive™ composition and to compare the effect of single elderberry and chokeberry extracts, tests were performed on PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells)**.

It has been confirmed that immunostimulating effect of the appropriately selected composition of Fenactive™ is stronger  than that of the individual elderberry and chokeberry extracts.

* ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY OF FENACTIVE. FINAL REPORT. Study conducted in the R. Hirszfeld Laboratory of Virology of the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAS), Wrocław 2020.

** Evaluation of immunostimulating effect of the Fenactive™ composition and single standardized extract of elderberry fruit (Sambucus nigra), standardized extract of chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) in a study on PBMC cells (peripheral blood mononuclear cells).
Study conducted at Aronpharma Laboratory, Sopot 2021.

Fenactive™ - based Products

Berroxin Immuno
Berroxin Complex

Berroxin Immuno

Immunity support
syrup 120 ml

Berroxin Complex

Immunity support
60 capsules


Intestinal protection
30 capsules


Your own product

in any galenic form

Fenactive™ - based Products

Berroxin Immuno
Berroxin Complex

Your own product


in any galenic form



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